Penetrating the depths of the woods is like walking the days of our ancestors, a voyage to the truth, a path to ancestral knowledge and roots.
The research conducted by Tears of Othila is naturalistic and historical.
In nature, mythology and tradition we look for the signs of an apparently lost alphabet made of magic, symbols and places.
That heritage saves man, his own culture, his own passions, his own art.
Our hearts, moved by Emotion, have opened themselves, and listened…that poetry, those sounds have become our art, our inheritance, the precious gift the rune Othila reminds us of.
These few lines describe the essence, the roots and the purpose of our project.
Tears of Othila was founded by Marco G. Gardella (Tvmvlvs Seraphim, Sostrah Tinnitus) at the beginning of the year 2000 as a solo-project.
The first compositions were essentially thoughts, meditations, memories on a soundtrack created by nature itself during long solitary walks.
Later on a more acoustic folk-based approach was followed.
The chant of tradition spread and other persons, friends, musicians and contributors became involved in the project.
The first work “Renaissance!” was recorded between 2006 and 2007 and it was released by Ark records in 2008.
We have received good responses for our music and we had the honour to get in touch with other bands and people that we value and greatly appreciate.
Now we are ready to release our second work “Way to traditions”.
The result of passion, true dedication and inner, deep Emotions translated into notes and detailed arrangements.
The voice of Othila is once again an ancestral message and a memory of the past.

As long as there are people ready to listen and feel, that memory will never fade and the fire of the ancient wisdom will warm their hearts.

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