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Tony Wakeford (United Kingdom) - «Into the woods»
Tony Wakeford - «Into the woods»
Digipak CD 2007, Tursa/Dark Vinyl Records
14.00 €URO
Two years after The Devil`s Steed (one of the best-selling Neo-Folk albums in the last 2 years) SOL INVICTUS, aka TONY WAKEFORD, is back with a new Folk Noir album. Loosely influenced by the prog records of Tony Wakeford's youth, Into The Woods describes a weird England of the 60's and 70's where pockets of woodland hold out against the encroaching suburbs.A dark England of out-of-work hangmen, dubious priests and Woman's Institute covens.

Traditional Folk/Folk Noir with elements of 70's prog and psychedelia. Recorded in London and mixed by Israeli /New York studio producer M. Guest appearances by Kris Force of AMBER ASYLUM, Reeve Malka and Guy Harries from ORCHESTRA NOIR and Caroline Jago, Andrew King and Renée Rosen of SOL INVICTUS. The CD cover artwork is by painter Richard Moult.

The Wardrobe (=Tony Wakeford & Andrew Liles) (United Kingdom) - «A Sandwich Short»
The Wardrobe (=Tony Wakeford & Andrew Liles) - «A Sandwich Short»
Digipak CD 2006, Tursa
13.00 €URO
The new album of Andrew Liles with Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus fuses surreal electronics & sinister acoustic beauty, and features a new interpretation of a classic track by Wakeford & Stapleton of Nurse with Wound.

The Wardrobe: A Sandwich Short press release

'A Sandwich Short' continues the journey from where the previous album, 'Cups in Cupboard' finished. The 14 tracks cover a strange and contorted musical landscape. With an ample amount of crows, magpies and deformed city dwellers the album combines the very best of Andrew Liles' twisted and incomprehensible 'vision' with Tony Wakeford's dark sensibilities.

'A Sandwich Short' features a re-invented version of 'Lucifer Before Sunrise' which originally appeared some 14 years ago on the excellent 'Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish' by Tony Wakeford and Steven Stapleton.

'A Sandwich Short' also features guest appearances from the charismatic and indispensable John Murphy and Helen and Alice Potter (daughters of the infamous Colin).

The CD is limited to 1000 copies

The Well of Sadness - «I'm Uprooted From It»
The Well of Sadness - «I'm Uprooted From It»
Digipak CD 2007, War Office Propaganda
13.00 €URO
Impressive debut by this French neoclassical, symphonic, martial industrial act. Forty minutes of music in nine tracks created in specific orchestral vein. Very interesting music, not so many mighty, bombastic phrases, but a lot of moving atmospheres.

Weltschmerz (Italy) - «Capitale de la douleur»
Weltschmerz  - «Capitale de la douleur»
Slipcase CD 2001, Eibon Records
13.00 €URO
A Canaan side-project, and yet another beautiful Dark Wave masterpiece. An oppressive, melancholic, suffering soundtrack for the end of this world. Impressive male & female vocals over a solid dark wave background.

Werkraum (Germany) - «Werkraum»
Werkraum  - «Werkraum»
Digifile CD 2005, Cold Spring
13.00 €URO
Debut from a band who are creating excitement across the whole scene, and they have only appeared on a handful of extremely rare compilations, A genius mixture of martial industrial, neo-folk, ambience and neo-classical!

Werkraum (Germany) - «Kristalle»
Werkraum  - «Kristalle»
Digipak MCD 2005, Ahnstern/Steinklang-Industries
13.00 €URO
Their new mini-album is not only fascinating because of it's gracile perfection in composition and musical virtuosity, but also through it's musical diversity, supported by members of Changes and Lady Morphia.

Werner Durand & Alio Die - «Aqua Planing»
Werner Durand & Alio Die - «Aqua Planing»
CD 2005, Hic Sunt Leones
12.00 €URO

In the enigmatic Aqua Planing, Werner Durand and Alio Die create a sonorous, powerful, impervious space; sometimes liquid, subtly endearing. A meeting of mysterious sounds, both improvised and organised, of the traditional and self-made wind- instruments and their hybrids by Werner Durand (persian and circular water ney, circular clarinet, khen, prepared shakuhachi) with the editing, loops and enviromental recordings by Alio Die. As in the title track, where they recorded the sound of the wind blowing on the edge of a PVC tube sticking out of the car window, while driving on an italian highway and mixed it with the sound of the ocean, filtered acoustically by the very same PVC tube, or the noise of a night train, the church bells in a mountain village, the musicians cause you to loose tracks of home and move towards purely surreal places. Their performance is always rigorous, the accurate tunings accuracy and special timbres of Werner Durand`s playing settled in the peculiar atmospheres created by Alio Die evoke unique interwoven listening spaces, rich with hues and shades, continuously evolving.

Williams E. David - «Pseudo erotica and beyond, 1986-1998»
David E. Williams - «Pseudo erotica and beyond, 1986-1998»
CD, Old Europa Café
12.00 €URO

Nearly 2 decades after its original release, Williams' debut EP comes to CD in all its degenerate glory, along with 19 previously unreleased and amazing tracks from the same period of perverse creativity. Hear Williams' original deadpan lamentations of vomiting dogs, stolen glass eyes, and the rape of the retarded; set against an increasingly sophisticated musical backdrop of classic pop, dreary dirge, industrial, neoclassical and an early form of what would later be known as “dark ambient”! Some of these songs were eliminated from earlier releases because of their political and sexual offensiveness. But now their time has come. Jewel-box, large booklet with all songs texts

Williams E. David - «Hope springs a turtle»
David E. Williams - «Hope springs a turtle»
CD, Old Europa Café
12.00 €URO
Known among others for his collaborations with Rozz Williams (see the album "Accept the Gift of Sin) and Blood Axis , this great US song-writer delivers after a long silence again a unique combination of best & lovely apocaliptic-folk & pop tunes ! wonderfull songs to be discovered, simply great ! "the unbearably important lightness of being Earnest" .... Jewel-box, large booklet with all songs texts

Williams Rozz & Gitane Demone - «Dream home heartache (revised)»
Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone - «Dream home heartache»
CD, Paragoric
12.00 €URO
The LP version of this excellent collaboration has been deleted for many years. This re-released CD version has been re-mastered. Possibly the most impressive work by the late Rozz Williams (Christian Death) in duet with Gitane Demone "Dream Home Heartache" is an album brimming with melancholic ballads. Overall, a very dark and ethereal cabaret.