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Raison d'Être (Sweden) - «Lost Fragments»
Raison d'Être  - «Lost Fragments»
Digipak 2xCDs 1992/2002, Cold Meat Industry
20.00 €URO
Cold Meat Industry re-issues the strictly limited edition of Lost Fragments CD-R containing the remaining tracks from the Prospectus I session recorded back in 1992, and now makes it available for a wider audience. This double-CD set does not only include the original Lost Fragments release, re-mastered with a bonus track on one disc, but also a live recording in Germany from 1996 with additional re-mixes and alternative versions of some selected tracks mainly from Prospectus I on the other disc.
* Total running time of over 150 minutes!
* 6-panel, embossed digipak

Raison d'Être (Sweden) - «Reflections from the time of opening»
Raison d'Être  - «Reflections from the time of opening»
CD 2005, Cold Meat Industry
13.00 €URO
Reflections From the Time of Opening contains a selected collection of the very earliest material by raison d'être, now finally available on Cold Meat Industry. The album shows the first phases in the development of raison d'être and should rather be seen as a documentation album of that time more than a conceptual album. ‘Reflections From the Time of Opening' sounds quite different from later and established raison d'être sound, but that makes it not less enjoyable. Also included on the disc are the compilation tracks from ‘The Absolute Supper' (Cold Meat Industry) and 'Funeral Songs' (Crowd Control Activities) and re-mixes of the two remaining tracks from the first raison d'être CD ‘Prospectus I' (track re-mixes of ‘Prospectus I' can also be found on 'Collective Archives' and ‘Lost Fragments').

Recondita Stirpe (Italy) - «Nessuna Letargia»

Recondita Stirpe - «Nessuna Letargia»

CD 2008, HauRuck!/SPQR
12.00 €URO

Finally available the first full length of this great folk band of Genoa! Twelve songs of love, nightmares and pure passion: malichonic noir folk in the way only Italians knows! Feat Diego Banchero from Malombra and Segno Del Comando. Lim. 1000 copies.

Riharc Smiles- «Last green days of summer»

Riharc Smiles- «Last green days of summer»

CD in wooden case 2004, Ahnstern/Steinklang-Industries
13.00 €URO

Brilliant middle-ages progressive folk!

Rising Shadows (Sweden) - «Found in the cold»
Rising Shadows (Sweden) - «Found in the cold»
Digipak CD 2009, Twilight Records
14.00 €URO
Rising Shadows explore a colder and more distorted harsh landscape than before, yet still holding up the ethereal beauty with the voice of Linda-li. A strange mix between Dead Can Dance, Ennio Morricone and Kate Bush…

Rising Shadows (Sweden) - «Falling deep within»
Rising Shadows - «Falling deep within»
Digipak CD 2006, Twilight Records
14.00 €URO
A beautful journey into the darkness of ourselves and our past. Featuring the enchanting vocals of Linda-li. This is music for the soul and it will paint your mind images and dreams.

Rome - «Nera»
Rome - «Nera»
Digipak CD 2006, Cold Meat Industry
14.00 €URO
After a highly praised mini-CD, "Berlin", released on CMI , the interest for this newcoming martial pop act has been immense.
And ROME delivers! Already featured in French magazine D-Side, as well as the German magazines Sonic Seducer (2nd place in soundcheck), and the upcoming issue of Orkus. ROME was founded in 2005 as a main output for the songs of Jerome Reuter, Luxembourg.
Long time since a debut album was so eagerly awaited as by ROME, and Nera, which is the title of this brilliant piece, is "black" indeed.
The atmosphere weighs heavy on the soul - a burden of flowers. However, ROME manages to include warmth and affection in its cold world of steel.
The main characters in this language of lurking are defeated men - not unschooled by pain - in seedy places.
ROME songs are full of citations, abstractions and ideals.
The marching and counter-marching of doubtful armies luring our love away, with licit grace, icy and bitter irony.
Gentle phantasms of desire. The reversal of sympathies.
The aspects of eternity, spiritual hunger, treachery and corruption, shame and honour - being more than mere traps for the unsophisticated.
These are some of Nera's interlocking themes in a world scorched by the wastefulness and cruelty of war. Nera is the meticulous patience of rage. Get it now and make it your friend, before it devours you.
Presented in another beautifully debossed 4-panel digipak!

Rome - «Confessions d'un Voleur d'Ames»
Rome - «Confessions d'un Voleur d'Ames»
Digipak CD 2007, Cold Meat Industry
14.00 €URO
Only a few months after the release of its first full-length album NERA, ROME is back yet again to show that it's here to stay.
CONFESSIONS D'UN VOLEUR D'AMES is a call from a world where love and despair are locked in an embrace.
A black craving in the fangs of war, the joys of stealth in a riot of blossoms.
This second album is much calmer and rather more personal than NERA.
These confessions are often dark and poetic, sometimes brutal, but most of all intimate. Again you will find traces of all kinds of genres of obscure music; ambient, neo-classical, dark wave, apocalyptic folk, martial industrial.
ROME couldn't care less about boundaries of genres.
However, the tone is less militant, the main themes being treachery and sacrifice, temperance and composure.
With a distinctive slice of military suicide pop fiddled into their sound, ROME has established itself as one of the most lively and interesting "martial" folk acts up and about.
These confessions prove that ROME has become a force to be reckoned with.

Rome - «Masse Mensch Material»
Rome - «Masse Mensch Material»
Digipak CD 2008, Cold Meat Industry
14.00 €URO
New wine from the orchards of Rome!
After two successful albums, Nera and Confessions d’un Voleur d’Ames, ROME blesses us with its 12-track-knock-out Masse Mensch Material, which holds more than one musical surprise!
ROME’s particular brand of post-industrial folk, combined with new-wave song-writing and neo-classical arrangements, takes on a new and poppy twist.
But these outstanding songs have way too much depth to be dismissed as mere pop music.
This third album is of a more subtle darkness and probably ROME’s best work to date.
A work of art of extreme sincerity, Masse Mensch Material revolves around the themes of love, faith and endurance.
ROME has created a fascinating world of contradictions which each song lays out with clarity and with all the cruelty and kindness intact.
Within a very short period of time and at a terrifying pace, workaholic mastermind Jerome Reuter has carved his own path and created and established a dominion of his own, with its own codes and values.
Through its bitter sweet melodies of exquisite sadness and rebellion, its haunting lyrics, mesmerizing vocals and recordings of unmatched production and sound, ROME has become the new face of dark romanticism.
Jerome’s voice echoes pride and death of a time and place long forgotten.
A voice which becomes the axis that breaks one’s consciousness into some kind of tender submission.
Let yourself be buried in the shade of this masterpiece, in the beauty of desperation!
Come out under the stars! ROME is the light!

Exclusive 4-panel embossed digipak with 16-pages booklet including ALL lyrics!

Rose Rovine e Amanti - «Rituale Romanum»
Rome - «Masse Mensch Material»
CD 2006, Cold Spring
13.00 €URO

Rose Rovine e Amanti is the solo project of Damiano Mercuri from Roma.
Italian neo-folk with a neoclassical touch.
Christianity and old European cabaret sin, Love and Hate.
'Rituale Romanum' features guest appearances from Josef K (Von Thronstahl), and Belborn.

Luigi Rubino - «A theme for the moon»

Luigi Rubino - «A theme for the moon»

Digipak CD 2009, Prikosnovenie
14.00 €URO

This is the first splendid album of Ashram’s pianist solo. Crystal notes of piano, nostalgia of violin, grace of Cello brings one into a very intense feeling of emotion, moving & intimist. Like an original soundtrack, the music draws the most peaceful & celestial timeless landscapes one can imagine. Luigi Rubino started playing and studying piano and liturgical organ when he was 10, with both Italian and foreign teachers. Piano player with the band Ashram, he collaborated with bands such as Argine, Corde Oblique, Trees... Today he dedicates himself to original composition and loves 20th century classical music (Debussy, Poulenc, Bach, Pergolesi, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Wagner but also Satie, Keith Jarrett, Arvo Part or Morricone).