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Naevus (United Kingdom) - «Truffles of Love»
Naevus - «Truffles of Love»
Digipak CD 2008, Old Europa Cafe
13.00 €URO
Inspired by seminal punk and new wave innovators (The Stooges, The Buzzcocks, Public Image Limited, The Birthday Party, Joy Division, Magazine, The Slits) Naevus was formed in London in 1998 by Lloyd James and Joanne Owen.

Naevus’ playful self-released debut, "Truffles of Love" came out in 1999.
Unavailable for several years, and much sought after by collectors, Naevus’ debut album is now reissued by Old Europa Cafe in newly re-mastered form, with significant sonic improvement on the original 1999 release.
This re-issue also includes six bonus tracks dating from the same period.
These tracks were previously only available on obscure compilations which were released in very limited quantities and are long-since deleted.
The inclusion of this bonus material brings the running time of the CD to over 74 minutes and gives a complete picture of the early development of Naevus.
The original artwork has been extensively overhauled and this edition is presented in digipak format and includes a 16 page booklet with lyrics to all tracks plus an essay on the band’s beginnings.

Neither/NeitherWorld (U.S.A.) - «Maddening Montagery and Other Fantastic Stories»
Neither/NeitherWorld - «Maddening Montagery and Other Fantastic Stories»
CD 2005, Dark Vinyl Records

12.00 €URO

Re-release of the second N/NW album (from 1995). Come with new artwork and contains all original material of this classic album in carefully re-mastered versions plus one bonus-track. Often described as 'The American Answer to DIJ`s "Wall of Sacrifice"!

Neither/NeitherWorld (U.S.A.) - «Invisible Angel»
Neither/NeitherWorld  - «Invisible Angel»
Digipak CD 2006, Shayo Music
13.00 €URO
Neither/Neither World take another big step forward with their most fully produced, rock-band sounding album thus far. While the old stripped down acoustic sound is fading away, their music still enticingly blends innocence and a sinister spirit.

Neither/NeitherWorld (U.S.A.) - «Rewound»
Neither/NeitherWorld  - «Rewound»
Digipak CD, Shayo Music
13.00 €URO
Wendy Van Dusen is back with 15 ballads between the apocalyptic-folk of Current 93 and the ethereal pop of Mazzy Star, including a live version of “Montage” as well as acoustic-versions of songs by Jesus & The Mary Chain, Bauhaus, and Love & Rockets.
By far the best Neither/Neither World album ever !
Special artwork from Wendy Van Dusen herself ...

Neronoia - «Un mondo in me»
Neronoia - «Un mondo in me»
CD 2006, Eibon Records
13.00 €URO
Neronoia is a cooperation between Canaan & Colloquio. ...and this should be enough, but... Neronoia is the mirror that reflects Happiness and Pain with the same, cold indifference. Neronoia is the Fear that paralyzes by its light yet relentless touch. Neronoia is all the Evil we do to ourselves. Neronoia is the palette of a blind painter, who unintentionally paints all colours with the very same shades of grey.

Neronoia - «Il rumore delle cose»
Neronoia - «Un mondo in me»
CD 2008, Eibon Records
13.00 €URO
Neronoia is a cooperation between Canaan & Colloquio. ...

Neutral - «Serpents in the dawn»
Neutral - «Serpents in the dawn»
Digipak CD 2008, Eis & Licht
13.00 €URO
A diamond of apocalyptic folk music. With the old English bands (Nature & Organisation, C93) in mind, Neutral presents a great album with their own Russian soul. Deep warm sounds and melancholic world-weariness go hand in hand with a perfect production.

Neutral - «Walpurgis Night»
Neutral - «Walpurgis Night»
CD 2000, Brudenia
13.00 €URO
Debut album of fine group, which name it is already known to all.

Already after that concert does not remain any doubts, that Neutral not simply group, this phenomenon which will recollect it years... And the unique atmosphere which managed to be created to group, on this performance, to not repeat to anybody.

The first rare edition. Almost sold out!

Neuestrasse - «Introspective Black Forms»
Neuestrasse - «Introspective Black Forms»
Digipak CD 2006, War Office Propaganda
13.00 €URO
An interesting piece of dark ambient, whose intention is to recreate the anxiety vision of beginning of 20th century - desolated places of that period, fear, death, ruins... Particulary for this album, they were inspired by stories of serial killers.

Pieter Nooten - «Collected»
Pieter Nooten - «Collected»
Digipak CD 2008, Twilight Records
14.00 €URO

Lot of people knows PIETER NOOTEN from many years. He was part of the early line up of CLAN OF XYMOX in the 80´s !!.
Pieter and Ronny were playing together in Clan of Xymox during the best period of this legendary band.
4AD was the label were this artist , once he left COX , released an extraordinary album in collaboration with Michael Brook entitled " Sleep with the fishes " wich was very aclaimed for the audience and sold out since years ago .

PIETER makes music in a more ambient stile, but with a personal touch , sometimes indie, sometimes dark wave, sometimes in his own and personal visions. With a mix of vocal tracks and instrumentals, Pieter Nooten is a most original and unique artist to emerge in.
Lush synth and string atmospherics flow through the entire album, his vocals have a sad, hushed element about them creating a even more emotionally forceful atmosphere.
Collected is not only a best of , its a tale about the life of this artist, about his feelings , thoughts and wishes.
You will find in this album a delicate treasure

edo Notarloberti (Italy) - «Silent Prayers»
edo Notarloberti - «Silent Prayers»
Digibook CD 2008, ARK Records
15.00 €URO

First solo album of talented Neapolitan violinist edo Notarloberti (ARGINE, ASHRAM).

Melancholy and romanticism, silent prayers and moments of high lyricism. A dreamy piano embroider textures of pure passion with the violin that draws wounds that will remain imprinted in the heart and in the spirit forever, ethereal voices arrange a mosaic of rare beauty. Chamber music and songs that win at the first listening.

November - «November»
November - «November»
Digipak CD 2006, Shayo Music
13.00 €URO
November is an extraordinary collaboration between film soundtrack composer and 'The Young God's' drummer Bernard Trontin and Simon Huw Jones, singer/lyricist of 'And Also The Trees'. Their blend of music, that unites deep, electronic sound-waves, low- fi loops, glitches and rhythmic pulses with a vocal that drifts from subtle melody to poetic narrative is unique and will interest fans of Nick Cave and Stuart Staples as well as anyone into dark-ambient music such as Biosphere, Boards of Canada and Coil. November is a unique experience and a masterpiece of electro-acoustic. This is Shayo 010 coming as a deluxe digipack, with booklet, mastering by Denis Blackham (Biosphere, In Gowan Ring, ...).