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Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanote (Italy) - «La dolce vita»
Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanote - «La dolce vita»
CD 2006, Butcher's House
12.00 €URO
Adriano Vincenti, leader of MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE is back with a new astonishing album! A new cocktail of best noir jazzy noise and a mix of nihilism, 50´s movies’ soundtracks, black stockings, drunk gamblers, sexy starlets, revolvers, crime and love… Guests on this album are Simone Puorto (Profile), Flavio Rivabella (DBPIT), Vinz Inferno (Calle Della Morte), Alessandro Marchettini (No Light For Tomorrow). Produced by Butcher´s House Prod. with the collaboration of Cold Current Prod. & Musica di un Certo Livello. "Solo l´amore ci salverà !" Jewel-box, limited to 500 copies.

Maple Bee (UK) - «Hello Eve»
Maple Bee (UK) - «Hello Eve»
Digipak CD 2006, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
'Hello Eve' is primarily a female vocal album built around guitars and other acoustic instruments, bound together with quirky electronica and crisp programmed beats.
Melanie Garside aka 'Maple Bee' plays almost every instruments (acoustic guitar, singing, flute, organs, recorders, bass..).
'Maple' music is a mix of intimistic acoustic pop songs and 'subaquaticelectro' experimentations... a kind of 'Folktronic' with some pop-rock, post-rock influence...
She sings poetic, evocative lyrics inhabited by ghostly characters, angels and messengers, lights and memories… Welcome in the delicate and seductive 'other world' of Maple bee.

Mediavolo- «Unaltered Empire»
Mediavolo- «Unaltered Empire»
Digipak CD 2008 , Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
A subtle 'Brit' sound:
3rd album of this French band that deserves an international fame. How can one imagine that Mediavolo is French with such an English sound. Quality of melodies, an elegant & dandy rock sound and a bewitching voice remininding Kate Bush. Mediavolo plays with 70's & 80's sounds to create a kind of melancolic and ethereal rock that could remind Radiohead.

A Fairy voice:
Mediavolo's sound is unique but the beautiful voice of Geraldine makes the difference. Sometimes lyrical or sweet like velvet, Geraldine's voice sounds like an angel fell down on earth. Inspired by 'the Metamorphosis' of Kafka, 'Unaltered Empire' tells us the story of a woman who turns into butterfly. She'll be confronted to people's reject but she'll accept her wings to finally fly away in the sky.
An elegant music tinted with melancholic feelings but also with hope like a 'Tim Burton's little tale.

Mira (U.S.A.) - «There I Go Daydreamer»
Mira - «There I Go Daydreamer»
CD 2005, Projekt
12.00 €URO

Their third album: driving shoegazer with sensual female vocals
For 2005, Mira returns with their most focused, mature, and fully realized release to date. There I go daydreamer is a testament documenting the band's attention to detail, ear for texture, and desire to capture the intensity of their live shows... This latest album from Mira, more than any other, establishes the band at the forefront of the current darkwave/shoegaze/post-punk revival, and cements their place in the annals as one of the best of the bunch, not only on Projekt records, but also across the whole of music today. Absolutely brilliant, an instant classic.

Moon Far Away (Russia) - «Belovodie»
Moon Far Away - «Belovodie»
Digipak CD 2005, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
Mystical and ritual soundscapes within the framework of Gothic music. A combination of classical traditional European culture and modern select avant-garde tradition, along with technology and mass-media development of modern civilization.

Moon Far Away (Russia) - «Sator»
Moon Far Away - «Sator»
CD 2000, Brudenia
13.00 €URO
The second album of the most famous russian ethereal band.

"...SATOR, being the second full-light release of this cult structure, even more expands borders of their sound shape, going deep in ethno-esoterics and using symbolics of early christianity. Experiments with national tools and structure of compositions, unknown atmosphere and do rituality of rhythmic designs from "SATOR". The complete musical cloth devoted again and again experienced mystery of Eternal Returning. MOON FAR AWAY sing of harmony of material space outside of the person, - and novel spiritual space inside of it? "