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Lacrimosa (Switzerland) - «Lichgestalt»
Lacrimosa - «Lichgestalt»
Digipak MCD 2005, Scarecrow Records
10.00 €URO

Lacrimosa (Switzerland) - «Musikkurzfilme DVD The Video collection+Lichgestalt EP»
DVDpak DVD+CD 2005, Scarecrow Records
25.00 €URO

Laibach (Yugoslavia) - «Neu konservatiw»
Laibach - «Neu konservatiw»
CD 2003, Cold Spring Records
12.00 €URO
Originally released in 1985 as a limited vinyl bootleg album, "Neu Konservatiw" was later given a semi-official status by Laibach . This has been digitally remastered for CD format and includes various exclusive Laibach images.

Lamia (Argentina) - «Dark angel»
Lamia - «Dark angel»
CD 2002, Twilight Records
10.00 €URO
Evolution, force and misticism. The purity of the sacred music with a background of electronic and base sounds melt in the Lamia´s first album ¨Dark Angel¨ in an absolutely beautiful climax.

Lamia (Argentina) - «Carnival of lust»
Digifile CD 2004, Twilight Records
10.00 €URO
Carnival of Lust is a compilation of all exclusive tracks and include acoustic versions, some demos, and remixes by bands such as Kutna Hora, Aslan Faction, Alien Produkt, and more.

The Legendary Pink Dots - «Poppy Variations»
The Legendary Pink Dots - «Poppy Variations»
Digipak CD 2004, Beta-Lactam Ring Records
14.00 €URO
New studio album on the LPDots own label Terminal Kaleidoscope. Though it may be the case that future musicologists will have to assign Kerschel numbers to LPD releases just to keep track, the vast output that has recently reigned down hath shewn a group of musicians evolving even beyond previously well evolved states, possibly culminating in Poppy Variations. From the opening clogging cadence and cicada drone of Krussoe, the air begins to smell something like an Asylum on the eve of a Crushed Velvet Apocalypse. Poppy Variations isn't aping old LPD material (though it samples and processes it in the background). PV has, rather, captured those warm, heady, sweetly melodic tones of the old guard. Personal Monster and The Equaliser further evoke the thudding undercurrents and whimsy of Ancestral Dots. Crisp, walking bass stabs; percolating sequences; saxes and flutes conversing with the electronics, Edward's voice quietly projecting, as from an interstellar transmission.

LETATLIN (Italy) - «La sepoltura delle farfalle»
LETATLIN - «La sepoltura delle farfalle»
Digipak CD 2006, Ark Records
12.00 €URO
Dark experimentations of wave matrix crossed from splinter of visionary electronics.

Deluxe Digipak with embossed images contains a 12 pages booklet with all the texts!

Lily's Puff (Italy) - «Crashing Diamond»
Lily's Puff - « Crashing Diamond»
Digifile CD 2004, Nail Records
13.00 €URO
A brilliant CD album by one of the finest Italian ethereal music group. After the first album "Domino" and Sin Organisation's strictly limited MCD, this work of Lily's Puff, starting from the well known atmospheres of the band, underlined by the lines of the piano and singer's deep voice, drives us through new experimental sounds for this mature project, with atmospheric guitar-sounds and unsuspectable solutions. 15 tracks in a work rich of shades, leading us to an oneiric and evocative dimension. "Crashing Diamond" is a journey into delicate beauty and pure poetry, recommended to anyone still into the "gentle and evocative side" of darkwave. Beautiful digipack edition, limited to 500 copies only, including lyrics and full info-notes on each track.

Lily's Puff (Italy) - «Heaven Frowns»
Lily's Puff - «Heaven Frowns»
Digifile CD 2006, ARK Records
12.00 €URO
Lily’s Puff new journey continues searching new atmospheres and proving that, while time flows fast, even now we do not want to lie down on what we already obtained.
Lily’s Puff style is already acknowledged even if this work is more oriented on more electronic sonorities.
But we do not forget the piano and the guitars that are used simply in a different way.
As always, the voice has a particular part and keeps unchanged its expressive strength. From here starts the new challenge with a never satisfied listener.

Lingua Fungi - «Flowery Dreams»
Lingua Fungi - «Flowery Dreams»
Digipak CD 2006, War Office Propaganda
13.00 €URO
Magical journey through the strange dreams in beautiful flowery scenery, drifting and melting. Real instruments - flutes, guitars, bass, mandolin and different kind of ethnic percussions mixed with ambient soundscapes.

Lingua Fungi - «Tlapallan Pantonal»
Lingua Fungi - «Tlapallan Pantonal»
Digipak CD 2007, War Office Propaganda
13.00 €URO
Inspired by the myth of Quetzalcoatl - one of the most important and greatest gods of Mesoamerican Indians, this new release by Lingua Fungi varies from purely abstract ambient to acoustic folk passages.

Love Is Colder Than Death (Germany) - «Eclipse»
Love Is Colder Than Death - «Eclipse»
Slimcase CD, Samadhi Musik
8.00 €URO
Classic Wave / Heavenly Voices. The most personal album LICTD have recorded until now. The formation tries not to warm up old cliches, but to give the music a new impulse, which makes this album and this band an extraordinary experience! Special price.

Lucus (Italy) - «Cantiones filicatae»
Lucus - «Cantiones filicatae»
Digipak CD 2006, Twilight Records
13.00 €URO

Lucus is a new italian medieval project of the brillant and talented musician Andrea Tuffanelli. Meditation, is a word to describe this work, inspired in the medieval times and the traditional music.

Lupercalia (Italy) - «Soehrimnir & Mediestetica»
Lupercalia (Italy) - «Soehrimnir & Mediestetica»
Superyewel box 2CDs CD 2009, ARK Records
15.00 €URO
«Soehrimnir» the Riccardo Prencipe debut as Lupercalia, long sold out, originally released in 2000 by the label World Serpent is now made available again.
The album, digitally re-mastered, will be released in double super jewel case with the previously unreleased CD «Mediestetica», recorded in 2000, after a few days «Soehrimnir» was out.

Lupercalia (Italy) - «Florilegium»
Lupercalia - «Florilegium»
Digipak CD 2004, Equilibrium Music
13.00 €URO
In the finest Italian Neo-Classical Medieval/Gothic Italian tradition, Lupercalia's second album blends together Eastern and European influences in an alchemical creation produced by top-notch musicianship and a strong soprano voice.