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Jack or Jive (Japan) - «The earth»
Jack or Jive - «The earth»
CD 1999, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
«The earth» is a landscape of varied songs which explore both sides of lifes: the dark side and the luminous side. «The earth» is full of emotions and diversity: piano songs, rythmical songs, tibetan, japanese influences... CHAKO's voice is at her best: clear and bewitching, sweet and impressive.

Jack or Jive (Japan) - «Kismet»
Jack or Jive - «Kismet»
CD 2000, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
In this new album, the music is more ritual and ambient than usual. They use flutes, synth, percussions and Chako's voice is floating in the air. Less dark than the others CDs, Kismet is an incredible album of sweet happiness and contemplation.

Jack or Jive (Japan) - «Kenka»
Jack or Jive - «Kenka»
CD 2004, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
The mythic japanese duet comes back with a new Kenka edition, remixed and 5 new tracks added.
This Japanese spiritual heavenly voice opus is reissued because the band wanted to give a peace message in the sad worldwide context.

Jack or Jive (Japan) - «Absurdity»
Jack or Jive - «Absurdity»
CD 2004, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
Absurdity is a reaction to the actual worldwide context. The japanese duet is back with an album full of distress and sadness.The voice of Chako is full of bitterness as if all suffering souls were blowing in her voice. This album is a long going down in the inner self of Chako blending sadness and anger, mixing light melodies and heavy loops of saturated percussions. The Cd is haunted by Chako's voice and melancolic piano with ethereal sounds.

Louisa John-Krol (Australia) - «Ariel»
Louisa John-Krol - «Ariel»
CD 2001, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
An album of ethereal dream pop/ambient folk fusion with an eclectic array of instruments, indigenous/acoustic to classical and electronic, featuring Louisa's vocals & mandolin.
"pure marvel...
a veritable joy for the unconditional dreamers that we are"
(Elegy Magazine, France)

Louisa John-Krol (Australia) - «Alabaster»
Louisa John-Krol - «Alabaster»
Digipak CD 2003, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
Bewitching, romantic, ethereal pop, reminiscent of Bjork , Kate Bush and Loreena McKennitt . Fairy voice and various acoustic instruments on a lulling and magical musical work by Iris' best selling artist!

Louisa John-Krol (Australia) - «I hear the water dreaming»
Louisa John-Krol - «I hear the water dreaming»
Digipak CD 2005, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
Oophoi is famous for his intimist ambient music, he is considered as a master in his art. Louisa's voice brings a melodic and 'fairyesque' dimension to his music. The meeting of these 2 musicians results in a mysterious, ethereal and oniric ambience.

Louisa John-Krol (Australia) - «Apple pentacle»
Louisa John-Krol - «Apple pentacle»
Digipak CD 2005, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
Her new album "Apple Pentacle" leads us into a fairy world made of various stories flowing mostly from Green Man mythology. The Spirit of the Greenwood roves through the ages as Robin Hood, Egyptian Osiris, Arcadian Pan, Tolkien's Treebeard, and others.