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Gae Bolg (France) - «Requiem»
Gae Bolg - «Requiem»
Digipak CD 2006, Auerbach
14.00 €URO
After his musical setting of "Aucassin et Nicolette", Gae Bolg's new album is a purely personal work - a mass for the dead in the traditional meaning of the word, dedicated to those of Eric's friends and relatives who passed away in the last three years.

Garden of Delight - «In Memoriam»
Garden of Delight - «In Memoriam»
Digipak 2CDs 2008, Trisol
17.00 €URO
You only hear the thudding drums and pulsating bass lines, scraps of distorted guitars cut the darkness until you finally recognize a dark rumbling voice. Slowly a solemn, hymn-like melody emerges from the inferno. No doubt: we have entered the realm of the last true Goth Rock star. GARDEN OF DELIGHT officially quit after the last album but now they want to set themselves a memorial: carved in black granite, entwined in weeping willows.

GARDEN OF DELIGHT truly preserve the flame of genuine, occult and mystic Goth Rock.

By means of angry, yet weary vocals, captivating guitar melodies and mysterious samples they conjure an atmosphere of renaissance of the ancient in a modern, enlightened world. Again and again you hear the voice of the founding father of modern occultism, Aleister Crowley, whisper within the apocalyptic spheres, accompanied by catchy guitar riffs and the fatalistic pulse beat of proximal death.

GARDEN OF DELIGHT pay their band the last respects although they had already said goodbye with their officially last album “Darkest Hour“. ”In Memoriam“ consists of two CDs containing a Best Of-Compilation and can therefore be regarded as a legacy of the most authentic German Goth Rock band. The album was arranged by Artaud Seth himself and offers a perfect mixture of the band's greatest hits, sometimes rerecorded, remixed and all of them completely remastered plus six unreleased, exclusive bonus songs!

"In Memoriam“ is a feast for all fans and a top chance to rediscover this exceptional band even after their breakup. The grand finale will be the last live on November 1st, 07 in Berlin (K17), where “In Memoriam“ will be presented to the general public. Once again the gothic scene has lost a cult band but in the hearts of their fans GARDEN OF DELIGHT will be immortal!

Garden of Delight - «Darkest Hour»
Garden of Delight - «Darkest Hour»
Digipak CDs 2008, Trisol
14.00 €URO

"With 'Darkest Hour' Garden Of Delight bid farewell at the height of their career and simultaneously manifest their exceptional position in the Gothic Rock genre. There is hardly any other band that has managed to release high-quality albums over such a long period and attracted a continuously growing number of fans over decades. (...) 'Darkest Hour' captivates us with its unique intensity. From the first moment we are whisked away into a world full of desperation and hopelessness. Decay and death.... the complete album seems to wind down a spiral staircase towards the final conclusion, the last seconds of being. Powerful and majestic at the beginning, the album becomes more and more fragile and otherworldly until it reaches its climax in the dark and mystic sounds of Transmission and Reign which can already be regarded as timeless classics. On the other hand Dying Sun or Adoration reflect the wrathful and occult Lutherion era of the band..."

"We were eternal, the throne ours till the very last! But now darkness befalls our light. The darkest hour begins. And it will be our last." (Artaud)

Ghost Fish (Daemonia Nymphe / Louisa John Krol) (GR/AU) - «s/t»
Ghost Fish (Daemonia Nymphe / Louisa John Krol) - «s/t»
Digipak CD 2005, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
GHOST FISH is a collaboration project featuring Louisa John-Krol, Daemonia Nymphe and Nikodemos Triaridis. Louisa's ethereal voice raises above electric guitars and basslines, flute, violin and energetic drums. Ghost Fish mood is original, a kind of dreamy world with weird blurred landscapes. Louisa plays electric guitar on Ghost Fish and its really great!!!

Gor (Italy) - «Ialdabaoth»
Gor - «Ialdabaoth»
CD 2001, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
GOR comes back with the second part of "Bellum Gnosticorum" but on the dark side. It's absolutly incredible!!! Big percussions, incantations, acoustic guitar push us into a world of confusion, fusion and fire. As powerful as Rosa Crux, Ataraxia's percussionnist delivers a real masterpiece. Discover devil-gothic medieval at his best!
In a few words: a must for all heavenly/neo-folk/medieval and Ataraxia's fan.

Gor (Italy) - «Qumran»
Gor - «Qumran»
CD 2003, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
Qumran is the fourth album of Francesco. He leads us towards middle east countries where the Christ is born.Voices and choirs are magnificent and moving, instruments melodies blend percussions, flute, clarinet...Energy reminiscent of Dead Can Dance mixed with Daemonia Nymphe’s mythology. Undoubtly GOR’s best album.

Gor (Italy) - «Medieval project»
Gor - «Medieval project»
Digipak CD, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
Francesco Banchini from GOR, finaliy delivers the best of his first passion,medieval rites and instruments from the middle age, a real mystic and romantic opus made with passion.
'Each and every man faces in his lifetime the fear of being confronted to love, war, society, misery, depression, solitude & so forth... Notwithstanding, there is a particular thing these differing arguments all have in common: the wait of hope. In each of these occurences, there's the wait of a possible change that might bring benefit and serenity in the years of one's life. This cd tales of events that occured to various people in the past, and even though much time has passed since you'll notice that nothing has fundamentally changed. This passage through various hisorical events should help you realize how things repeat themselves in circles, and, furthermore, that being rigid towards oneself ain't necessary to find one's righteous way - indeed, the most important thing is to give one's self totally and heartfeltedly, and to struggle with faith when one believes in a right cause, in a complete moral and ethical respect towards our peers.' Francesco Banchini

The Green Man (Italy) - «The Teacher and The Man of Lie»
The Green Man (Italy) - «The Teacher and The Man of Lie»
CD 2007, HauRuck!/SPQR
12.00 €URO

A very characteristic blend of Mediterranean rhythms mixed with Middle Eastern influences and folk rock tapestries on this apocalyptic concept album depicting the final struggle between these two leaders of mankind at the End of Times.

The Green Man (Italy) - «From Irem to Summerisle - reissue»
The Green Man (Italy) - «From Irem to Summerisle - reissue»
CD 2009, HauRuck!/SPQR
12.00 €URO

The long awaited Green Man first album is finally back in stock: remastered, new artwork, bonus track like the traditional “Corn Rings” and the Crowley tribute song “Liber Al”. A mystic trip from east to west, a classic for Folk lovers!