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Faith & Disease - «Passport to Kunming»
Faith & Disease - «Passport to Kunming»
CD 2003, Projekt
12.00 €URO
The seventh album for this U.S. band, whose sonority slips gently through the Gothic/Darkwave net to fall into rather hypnotic ethereal/alternative Rock topped by Dara Rosenwasser's unique heart-broken vocals.

Fergusson Alex (United Kingdom) - «The castle»
Fergusson Alex - «The castle»
Digipak CD 2006, Eis und Licht
13.00 €URO
ALEX FERGUSSON, responsible for Punk classics such as "Action Time Vision" (ALTERNATIVE TV) and Pop hits such as "Godstar" (PSYCHIC TV), recorded "The Castle" within a few days 'live' in a studio. Thus, the songs come across in a very fresh and honest manner - he wanted to do that album in the same mode of working as he used with PSYCHIC TV in the early eighties. The result is a very natural, short, but to-the-point album, starting off in an experimental, rocking and subtly psychedelic vein. It's pure Folk Noir. Some tracks for example are very sixties-like - just as if VELVET UNDERGROUND had risen from the grave and recorded new songs. But other tracks brings you good and gently picked folk. And the sweet voice of ROSE McDOWALL (DEATH IN JUNE, SORROW, CURRENT 93) will remind you of Alex' abilities to write wonderful songs. Digipak, 12 tracks.

Fire+Ice (United Kingdom) - «Midwinter fires»
Fire+Ice - «Midwinter fires»
CD 1995, Fremdheit
17.00 €URO
Another re-release of the backcatalogue of one of the most influential artists in traditional neofolk. Including classics such as:
Fael Inis, Reaper man, High gallows tree, The wind that shakes the barley…
On this CD Ian Read got helped by : Julie Woods, Mathew Butler and Ian Pirrie.
Midwinter Fires has plenty of the mysterious and powerful magick of Northern Europe we expect from Fire + Ice, which here concentrates somewhat more on the heroic struggle against impossible odds exemplified by the Siegfried made famous by Wagner.
But there are a few other influences going on here too: the Island of the Mighty has had too colourful a past to allow for a narrow perspective on its traditions.
Call it by its newest name of Neofolk, its former one of Apocalyptic Folk, or call it what you will Fire + Ice has been and is one of its leading lights.

Fire+Ice (United Kingdom) - «Runa»
Fire+Ice - «Runa»
CD 1996, Fremdheit
17.00 €URO
Fire + Ice are one of the leading folk bands today. This release was Ian Read's masterwork for the Runeguild.
A folk album like "Runa" had never been released, and there have been none comparable to it since, making it a classic "must have" for Fire + Ice fans and those interested in Runes !
This CD is totally focused on spiritual intellectual research in runes.
This album was in high demand, but out of print for a very long time, so Fremdheit presents this as number two in the back catalogue after "Gilded by the Sun."

Fleur - «Magic»
Fleur - «Magic»
Digipak CD 2004, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
This is FLEUR's the second album. Since the revelation of their first CD "Prikosnovenie", Fleur becomes slowly and slowly one of the Prikosnovenie leading band. "Magic" is the continuity of their first CD with even better compositions and better sound.
Flëur is Olga Pulatova (piano and vocals) and Elena Voynarovskaya (guitar and vocals) supported by flute, cello, double-bass, electric-guitar and digeridoo. Hailing from Odessa in the Ukraine, Flëur is positioned somewhere between neofolk, neoclassical, and, russian ethereal pop. Thirteen emotional songs for 53 minutes will charm you in the depths of melancholy. Elena Vojnarovskaya's soft, insinuating voice alternates with Olga Pulatova's more "vital", beautiful vocal, under slow accompaniment of the piano, gentle roulades of flutes and accurate percussion. The result is an album full of contrasts, full of emotions.
The female group (from six participants only two men) gives us sensuality, feminity and springlike energy.
This album is essential in this violent world. With FLEUR you will find peace and joy of living. It's simply MAGIC!!!!

Fleur - «Siyanie»
Fleur - «Siyanie»
Digipak CD 2005, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
New fantastic melodies, sometimes melancholic sometimes happier, but above all full of liveliness by the Ukranian fairies. A more rhythmic album than their previous ones, with an emphasis on percussion which gives an impetuous mood to the music.