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Daemonia Nymphe (Greece) «Krataia Asterope»
Daemonia Nymphe - «Krataia Asterope»
Digipak CD 2007, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
Harps, Lyres et powerful choirs crossed a modern Folk rock energy. Like a Epic mythological movie soundtrack, songs are sometimes powerful and ethereal with beautiful heavenly voices. Discover the unique sound of Greek mythology.


Daemonia Nymphe (Greece) «The Bacchic dance of the Nymphs - Tyrvasia»
Daemonia Nymphe - «The Bacchic dance of the Nymphs - Tyrvasia»
Digipak CD 2004, Prikosnovenie
13.00 €URO
This is the second album of the Greek band ‘Daemonia Nymphe’, it is made of 2 rare limited editions CD : The Bacchic dance of the Nymphs and Tyrvasia.
The greek band ‘Daemonia Nymphe’ tries to recreate the sound of Greek Antiquity. Musicians use incredible instruments like lyra, varvitos, krotala, pandoura... made by the legendary Greek instrument maker Nicholas Bras…These ancient songs are sung by balkanik choirs and bewitching female voices. They were part of the Wave Gothic Treffen 2004.

«This is our black and white period. It is our first attempt to use Orphic Hymns in our music firstly using acoustic instruments in a way that could
possibly remind of the ancient sound at least what we believed it sounded
like. When Nicholas Brass listened to our music he wondered if the sound came from ancient lyres. Then he gave us his collection of reproductions of ancient Greek instruments. But why is it so important for us to approach the ancient sound? If you realise that these instruments haven't been heard for more than 1500 years you can imagine how fascinating that experience is. But the truth is that we don't really want to approach the music of our ancestors, it’s impossible but also of no interest to us. Of course we are inspired by the atmosphere of the ancient temples and statues but our main goal is to compose new music that can possibly have elements of our past (memory) and our present (action) and the hope to be heard also in the future.
In general this music refers to the Nymphs Satyrs, Pan and Dionysus, Divinities of the woods, lakes and mountains which are so much connected with this sacred land "Hellas".» Spyros Giafakis (D.N leader)

Dawn Desireè (U.S.A.) - «Dancing dreaming longing...»
Dawn Desireè - «Dancing dreaming longing...»
Digipak CD, Fossil Dungeon
10.00 €URO
Dancing, Dreaming, Longing...is an exhibition of Dawn's angelic soprano voice accompanied by a myriad of ethereal piano compositions, electro-pop, darkwave, and ethnic influences that paint a rich cascade of emotional depth.

Dead Can Dance (Australia) - «Toward the within»
Dead Can Dance - «Toward the within»
DVD 1994, 4AD
23.00 €URO

A live recording from 1993 and mostly featuring previously unrecorded material. Both lead performers are simply in excelsis, their vocal abilities hardly diminished by the rigors of the road - if anything, they sound even more inspired as a result

Dead Man's Hill - «The Demons Of Death»
Dead Man's Hill - «The Demons Of Death»
Digipak CD 2006, War Office Propaganda
13.00 €URO

Organic howling sounds crossed with choirs, strings, horns, trumpets, good percussions & a beautifull voice.

Dead Man's Hill - «Dog Burial»
Dead Man's Hill - «Dog Burial»
Digipak CD 2007, Old Europa Cafè
13.00 €URO

7th full length album for Dead Man’s Hill !
Far more violent and darker atmosphere than ever before.
This entire album handles about the loss of nature, all the people who destroy it, knowing and unknowing what they’re doing.
Further it handles also about nature making conspiracies with the Loa’s to let mankind disappear from the earth.
The music sounds like a storm wiping away everything in the neighbourhood.
Extremely dark classical death industrial with choirs, the voice of the Apocalypse telling people in their dreams how it all will evolve,
magical and Black Metal atmospheres ... For all lovers of "In Slaughter Natives" !
Art-work presenting a series of magnificent Caravaggio paintings !

Death in June (United Kingdom) - «The guilty have no pride»
Death in June - «The guilty have no pride»
Digifile CD+DVD 2005, Ner - Tesco
18.00 €URO
Long awaited and highly acclaimed "The Guilty Have No Pride" collects from the golden days the earliest recordings of Death In June when the group was Patrick Leagas, Tony Wakeford and Douglas P. Full of ultimate classics--we'll take the road from "Heaven Street" and then drive East! As if that wasn't enough these recordings from nearly 25 years ago also feature for the first time the legendary performance "Live at The Fridge, London 1982" on DVD. Due to the quality of these never before seen archival images this becomes even more of a historic documentation of the standards set in aesthetics and music that was to later define a whole scene known as "neo-folk." This is the beginning and this is how it really started! A must for all lovers of ground-breaking music not only neo-folk. The original use of instrumentation is hard to find these days and this is undoubtedly the time that made us become followers of Death In June. The double CD/DVD comes in an embossed softpak. NTSC.

Death in June (United Kingdom) - «Operation Hummingbird»
Death in June - «Operation Hummingbird»
Cartonsleeve CD 1998, Ner - Tesco
17.00 €URO
This studio album contains seven brand new songs recorded in cooperation with Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch). Considered a mini-album intended as a follow-up to the “Take Care and Control” release.

Death in June/ Boyd Rice (U.K./U.S.A.) - «Alarm Agents»
Death in June/ Boyd Rice - «Alarm Agents»
Digipak CD 2004, Ner - Tesco
17.00 €URO
Alarm Agents, the new album from Death in June and Boyd Rice, was released as two different versions on LP and CD. The songs “You Love The Sun, Don't You?” and “An Ancient Tale Is Told” are used in a cut-up form to segue tracks together on the CD. The CD version contains the exclusive track “The Man Who Laughs.” It comes in a deluxe, foil-blocked, debossed digipak. A “must-have” album for fans and collectors alike.

Death in June (United Kingdom) - «The phoenix has risen»
Death in June - «The phoenix has risen»
CD 2006, Supernatural organisation discs
20.00 €URO

Death in June (United Kingdom) - «The Rule Of Thirds»
Death in June - «The Rule Of Thirds»
Digifile CD 2008, NERUS / Soleilmoon
19.00 €URO
From Autumnal to Vernal Equinox, this is the DIJ Winter tree. Stripped bare, but for 13 of its branches. But they are as strong as ever, and with 13 glasses and one last toast, this new album captures the true essence of DIJ, again setting new standards.

Death in June (United Kingdom) - «Black Angel - Live!»
Death in June - «Black Angel - Live!»
Digipak CD 2008, Leprosy Discs
18.00 €URO
A digitally recorded and mixed recently unearthed DIJ performance in a one-off, stripped back show, at the historic Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne in 2000, containing twelve tracks, which could be regarded as a live ‘best-of’ experience.

Demonix (= Gitane Demone sideproject) - «The Lost Mixes»
Demonix (= Gitane Demone sideproject) - «The Lost Mixes»
CD 2000, Paragoric
12.00 €URO
Demonix were founded by Gitane Demone and Marc Ickx and are entirely focused on sado-masochism, fetishes therein and sexual psychology. These "Lost Mixes" present a collection of re-worked of material from their 1993 debut.

Der Blutharsch (Austria) - «The Moment of Truth/Der Gott der Eisen wachsen ließ»
Der Blutharsch - «The Moment of Truth/Der Gott der Eisen wachsen ließ »
Digipak CD/3" MCD 2004, WKN - Tesco
17.00 €URO
CD re-release of long sold out Der Blutharsch releases with a 3" bonus CD containing previously unreleased material. The 10 reissue tracks were all remastered for this release. Tracks 1-6 are from "Der Gott Der Eisen Wachsen Ließ" (WKN6 mCD), 7-9 are from "The Moment Of Truth" (WKN4 10"), and 10 is from the rare "Thank You!" (WKN12 7"), featuring Death in June. The bonus 3" mCD contains 4 previously unreleased versions of tracks, three classic Der Blutharsch songs, and the traditional tune "Lili Marleen" played on a Commodore 64. Packaged in a nice 6-panel digipak.

Der Blutharsch (Austria) - «The track of the hunted»
Der Blutharsch - «The track of the hunted»
Digipak CD 2000, WKN - Tesco
17.00 €URO
This third full-length release has atmospheric tracks with orchestral parts and traditional instruments interspersed with samples. Has 10 tracks with 2 bonus tracks added onto the last song, separated by several minutes of silence. Tracks 1, 9, and the bonus tracks to 10 are exclusive to the CD version. Highly Recommended!

Der Blutharsch (Austria) - «Time is thee enemy!»
Der Blutharsch - «Time is thee enemy!»
Digipak CD 2004, WKN - Tesco
17.00 €URO
This release from Albin and Co. has been enthusiastically received by fans and newcomers alike. The CD version comes with a must-see video clip. (While not guaranteed to play on every DVD player, it will play on some!)

Der Blutharsch (Austria) - «When did wonderland end ?»
Der Blutharsch - «When did wonderland end ?»
DigifileCD + DVD Set 2005 , WKN - Tesco
17.00 €URO
Finally, the all new album strike by Albin Julius (vocals, drums, percussion, harp, harmonium, piano, synth and programming), Marthynna (vocals, percussion, drums, tambourine), Bain Wolfkind (vocals, guitar, snare drum), and Jörg B. (guitar, bass guitar), aided by Paola Andrea Riascos of Terroritmo (vocals), Christine K. of Graumahd (clarinet), Matt Howden of Sieben/Sol Invictus, (violin), Alessio B. of Varunna (cello), Didi Bruckmeyer of Fuckhead (vocals), and Douglas P. (lyrics) is on its way. With the deluxe foil-blocked package comes a limited DVD with a clip for the track: "So Bring Your Iron Rain Down Upon Me." LP version also available.

Der Blutharsch (Austria) - «The Philosopher’s Stone»
Der Blutharsch  - «The Philosopher’s Stone»
Digibook CD 2007 , WKN - Tesco
17.00 €URO
The march is over! After 10 years Der Blutharsch finally are closing the circle!
The inventors of military pop, and since the genre`s most influencial and sucessfull band is leaving the arena and heading towards new territories, the promised land on the search for the tower of song.

On The Philosopher`s Stone, Albin Julius and his gang : Marthynna, Jörg B. and Bain Wolfkind, assisted by Matt Howden and Christine K. are proofing the only truth: Uniforms are always changing – Rock n`Roll will stay forever!
Come and join the ride.

Desiderii Marginis - «Seven Sorrows»
Desiderii Marginis - «Seven Sorrows»
Digipak CD 2007, Cold Meat Industry
14.00 €URO
Seven Sorrows is the sixth album by the renowned swedish dark-ambient project Desiderii Marginis, and a most eagerly awaited follower to the highly acclaimed album of 2005, That Which Is Tragic And Timeless.
With the material on Seven Sorrows Johan Levin, the mind behind Desiderii Marginis, has dug deeper than ever before within the creative depths and so ventures even further into the darklands of dispair and solitude, deeper into the vibrant shadows of the human mind.
Since the very debute in 1993, Desiderii Marginis has, with every new offering, refined and reinvented the trademark sound, and this release is no exception to the rule. Strummed guitars and dulcimers blend seamlessly with soaring strings, raging drones, the sound of twisted metal and spoken word.
Diverse sources, yet tamed to an intriguing and alluring whole that slowly spin it’s web around the helpless listener and drags them into the vortex of dreamlike darkness.

6-panel digipak, artwork photos taken by the exceptional photographer Birthe Klementowski.

Deutsch Nepal - «A silent siege»
Deutsch Nepal - «A silent siege»
CD, Old Europa Café
13.00 €URO
As a conclusion of the Silence triology out on OEC, here comes the "Silence" CD-release "A Silent Siege". An outburst of adrenalinestuffed new tracks, remixes, and documentations. Massive and beating sound walls in good old industrial style! What then could we expect from this industrial ambient project? At last that which have been kept within now is released in form of an agressive expression in sound and attitude. More cloose to the chaotic livesound of his performances, Lina Baby Doll take out his worst and show off in an allmost limbic way. Images of riot squads in plegmatic balladsinging after to many bottles of whiskey, a reptile enclosures filled with bodies rotting in silence, gender dripping from blood, passes while listening. In opposite to the depressing low sound of "Erosion" this CD´s sound always on the limit to crack, break or explode but in the same time tastefully produced and dynamic. Deutsch Nepal has been said to been a big mistery for years but now the truth is revealed! Belive me, this is the best Deutsch Nepal release so far ! Comes in ellegant digipack.

Diary of Dreams - «Nekrolog 43»
Diary of Dreams - «Nekrolog 43»
Digibook CD 2007, Accession
21.00 €URO
After nearly three years of silence, Diary of Dreams triumphantly returns with Nekrolog 43. Once again DoD mastermind Adrian Hates deftly mixes elements of electronic, rock, goth, and EBM into a sound that is completely distinctive. Diary of Dreams continues to raise the bar for others, and from the opening moments of the title track and the distinctive hooks of “The Plague” to the closing notes of “The Valley“, Nekrolog 43 masterfully blends electronic atmospheres and rhythms with Adrian’s distinctively stunning voice to powerfully convey the emotions of the music. Adrian described the newest Diary of Dreams output as a having strong emphasis on extremes. "I really believe in the uncompromising power of the new tracks", he said.

Diary of Dreams - «The plague»
Diary of Dreams - «Nekrolog 43»
MCD 2007, Accession
7.00 €URO

Die Form - «InHuman»
Die Form - «InHuman»
Box Set CD 2004, Trisol
40.00 €URO
InHuman, the first volume of a diptych that will be completed by ExHuman, marks an evolution, but also a renewal as far as tools, technique, and composition are concerned. Eliane's vocals hold a preponderant place as revealer of emotions, contrasting with the dark universe of images, the cruelty of some texts, and the para-mechanical option of the electronic music. Among other things, it is about the pact between the human and the animal, the agony of the soul, forbidden loves, murderous madness, the spirit of the forest, and the sacrifice of nature. This album is released as limited A5 box edition of 2000 copies with 32 pages booklet.

Division S - «Something to Drink»
Division S - «Something to Drink»
CD in wooden box 2007, Old Europa Café
14.00 €URO
After a series of CDr releases here comes the first official CD by this new Italian neo-cabaret / neo pop'n'folk project !
The disc contains a selection of best re-worked / re-mastered tracks from the previous CDr albums as well as unreleased material ....
This is the perfect disc to listen while drinking a good glass of best Italian red wine .
Wonderful atmospheres from the past mixed to typical Italian ballads …
A new but old way of playing beautiful and fascinating songs ….
Music for piano-bar, music for gangsters, music for dying slowly in the arms of your lover...
Numbered edition of 400 copies in wooden box !

For fans of : Bain Wolfkind / Novy Svet / O Paradis / Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte ….

Sally Doherty - «Edge Of Spring: A collection of songs 1995-2005»
Sally Doherty - «Edge Of Spring: A collection of songs 1995-2005»
Digipak CD 2006, Shayo
13.00 €URO
With her warm and intimate voice, soaring and operatic at times, and accompanied by a variety of instruments from gentle piano to baroque string ensembles to Spanish guitar and percussion, Sally Doherty is one of the most outstanding singer / songwriters and will appeal to anybody who enjoys the music of Kate Bush, Lhasa or Antony and the Johnsons. The Edge of Spring is Sally Doherty's first release for Shayo - it is a collection of songs from 1995 to 2005, including three new tracks never appeared on CD.

Dwelling (Portugal) - «Moments»
Dwelling - «Moments »
Digipak CD 2001, Equilibrium Music
9.00 €URO
Ethereal Neo-Classical compositions, exquisitely weaved out of acoustic guitars, violin and bass guitar, and blissfully adorned by sweet female vocals. Somewhere between Amber Asylum or B.t.f.a.b.g. and Tenhi or Empyrium ...

Dwelling (Portugal) - «Humana»
Dwelling - «Humana»
Digipak CD 2003, Equilibrium Music
14.00 €URO
The band's first full length release, recorded during winter 2003. Ethereal Neo-Classical compositions, inspired by the essence of Portuguese Fado, brought to life by acoustic string instruments and voice. Presented in beautiful full colour digipak.

Dwelling (Portugal) - «Ainda è noite»
Dwelling - «Ainda è noite»
Digipak CD 2007, Equilibrium Music
16.00 €URO

Ainda É Noite sees Dwelling gasping for air when faced with everyday's asphyxiating city pace and taking the delicate female form and spirit for a late walk through Lisbon’s darkest streets. The album seeks to expose the lonely side of feminine intimacy, embodying various moods and states of mind that grow more disturbing and unsettling as the quiet hours of the night roll by. Nostalgia and romanticism often turn into decadent bohemian extravaganza, as the taste of Fado acquires a more progressive aroma, and Classical overtones flirt with Jazzy grooves throughout the album.

True to Dwelling’s tradition, the lavish compositions gracefully blossom into intimate acoustic settings on this fully in-house “top-notch” production.

Ainda É Noite is housed in a beautifully designed fullcolor Digipak CD, that helps set the tone for the delicate yet sensual nature of the recorded material.