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Ballo delle Castagne (Italy) - «s/t»
Ballo delle Castagne (Italy) - «s/t»
CD 2009, HauRuck!/SPQR
12.00 €URO
A brand new surprise from HR!SPQR, featuring members of Calle della Morte, The Green Man and Recondita Stirpe. NO ballads, NO neofolk drama, NO boring tales, only a good project with lot of new wave, psych rock and garage attitude. Play it loud!

Martyn Bates (United Kingdom) - «Mysery Seas»
Martyn Bates - «Mysery Seas»
Digipak CD 2005 Shayo
13.00 €URO
Between 1994 and 1998, Martyn Bates worked solo, and intensely releasing more than eight albums : including collaborations with the song writer and singer Anne Clark and M.J. Harris of Scorn : this was - "Murder Ballades by M.J. Harris and Martyn Bates - particulary influencial and championed by the avant-garde and such as magazines as The Wire. Mystery Seas - originaly released in 1995 and now entirely remastered - is the second of Martyn Bates' "Letters written" series (the first one came out in the early 80s as he was playing as Eyeless In Gaza). On this album he sets his songs into organ based backings, going roght back to the drones of traditional song and more than this, to church music. It's an intensive sound which would appeal to fans of traditional folk and electronic music fans all at once, which as to be some achievement. There is a dream state built up from these songs of drifting minimal chords and layers of vocals. What could sounds sparse, sounds full and balances. Songs like "Everywhere there's Rain" rang as amongst his best with his vocals particulary well delivered.

Maurizio Bianchi (Italy) - «Colori»
Maurizio Bianchi - «Colori»
CD 1998, Alga Marghen / EEs'T Records
12.00 €URO
he very first new recording from Maurizio Bianchi (MB) since his decision to quit the arena of sound in 1984. Yes, he's back, the world-wide recognized master of apocalyptic electronics has decided to come back to music, opening up a new phase for his creativity.

Black Sun Productions - «operettAmorale»
Black Sun Productions - «OperettAmorale»
Digipak CD 2005, Divine frequency
14.00 €URO
operettAmorale is Massimo & Pierce's personal tribute to the poetry of German poet, playwright and thinker Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956). The album is composed of 11 classic Brecht's songs, here revisited according to Massimo & Pierce's irreverent attitude. Massimo & Pierce invited some of their friends to contribute to operettAmorale : COIL recorded the song A List of Wishes (one of the latest studio performances  by Johnn Balance) purposely for this album. The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is here delivered by the incomparable voice of Lydia Lunch . HR Giger  contributed with the cover artwork and a vocal cameo appearance on Seeräuber-Jenny . operettAmorale was produced by Massimo & Pierce in collaboration with Larsen 's member Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, whom also provided some original music and the acoustic arrangements. Among the musicians whom partecipated to operettAmorale's recording sessions are Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons) and Marco Schiavo (Larsen).
Ellegant digipack + large booklet .

Black Sun Productions - «The Impossibility of Silence»
Black Sun Productions - «Black Sun Productions - «The Impossibility of Silence»
Digipak 2xCD 2006, Old Europa Cafe
20.00 €URO
Following the band’s highly acclaimed 2005 album operettAmorale, consisting of 23 tracks spanning two thematic CDs, As Above and So Below.
Coming into a luxurious 8 panels digipack illustrated by Val Denham, The Impossibility of Silence is a cinematic journey into sonic abstractness and poetic concretism.
Chasing rhythms and haunting melodies to score a motion picture made of eerie dreams and hallucinogenic visions.
It is Moon Music for the children of darkness, a gloomy invocation to all executed poets and a lullaby echoing through the silence.
Labelled by the artists themselves as ‘intuitive music for sensible ears’,
the album incorporates reworked versions of material originally featured in the Black Sun Productions’ limited edition releases : Toilet Chant (2004) and Once in a Full Moon (2005) as well as new and unreleased material.
The album is littered with contributions by guest artists such as Lydia Lunch, Val Denham, Sudden Infant, Sonne Hagal and Testing Vault.

Black Sun Productions - «Chemism»
Black Sun Productions - «Chemism»
Digipak CD 2007, Old Europa Cafe
13.00 €URO
Black Sun Productions' new album for Old Evropa Cafe consists of 14 tracks of tribal electronica and it stands as the most rhythmic output to date coming from Massimo & Pierce and their fellow Children of the Black Sun. The wooden sound of the marimba in combination with flutes and drums merging with very European sounding violins will reveal to the listener a new and pleasantly suprising attitude in musick-making of this collective of sound artists. The mutating precision of Pierce’s electronics is here counterpointed by Massimo's sonorous, deep vocals. Eschewing the melancholy of the double disc The Impossibility of Silence, Black Sun Productions seems to have moved with CHEMISM into an electronic semi-operatic mode. Some of the album's tracks were written and performed in collaboration with draZen and Bahntier. CHEMISM features Val Denham and Ariot Fleischmann on additional vocals, Roman Hollenstein on drums and Roberto Budelo on violins. CHEMISM is possibly the most original sonic statement of Black Sun Productions and it consacrates Massimo & Pierce as a truly eclectic duo of performers and producers. Coming into a 3 panels digipack fully illustrated by Jacopo Camagni and Marco Felicioni of Studio Dronio.

Dedicated to William S. Burroughs on the 10th anniversary since his death, CHEMISM is largely inspired by William S. Burroughs' 1969 novel The Wild Boys.

Black Sun Productions - «The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm»
Black Sun Productions - «Chemism»
Digipak CD 2008, Old Europa Cafe
13.00 €URO

This Black Sun Productions new album features collaborations with PSBEUYS, Sudden Infant, Niko Skorpio, Baraclough and Devotchka's Conundrum.
Conceived by Massimo & Pierce as the darker counterpart to their 2007 post-pop album Chemism, The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm marks Black Sun Productions' return to the realm of abstract, experimental musick.
Magick, trance sounds ...
Cover artwork by Ian Jhonstone (Coil).
Released on the 23rd of September 2008 for the autumn Equinox.

Black Tape for a Blue Girl (U.S.A.) - «Halo Star»
Black Tape for a Blue Girl (U.S.A.) - «Halo Star»
CD 2004 Projekt
12.00 €URO

"HALO STAR is brilliant! Bret Helm's vocals are mesmerizing, pulling me in with every delicious note. This is what I have been waiting to hear from Black Tape all along, I just never knew it until now." - Gothic Beauty Magazine

Black tape for a blue girl is back with HALO STAR, their stunning 9th album. At once a departure and a return, HALO STAR's twelve stark songs take a melodic route while the rhythm hammers in dangerous nails. Songwriter/lyricist Sam Rosenthal meshes driving, male goth vocal-stylings with heavenly female voices and forceful percussion and acoustic guitar to create an involving album both rhythmic and lyrically engaging. In this, one of America's originators in the darkwave genre returns to its origins while creating an amazing new album sure to please fans old and new alike.
Packaged in a jewel box with extensive 20 page booklet.

Blood Axis (U.S.A.) - «Blot sacrifice in Sweden»
Blood Axis - «Blot sacrifice in Sweden»
Digipak CD 1998, Cold meat industry
14.00 €URO
In November 1997, Blood Axis was invited to fly to Sweden and present a special live performance for the Cold Meat Industry 10th Anniversary Feast. The show was recorded on digital multi-track directly from the mixing board, and the resulting tapes were brought back to USA and re-mixed and re-processed by Blood Axis temselves for an exceptional result: a crystalline and intense summoning of everything from haunting heathen mantras to electronic aggression, traditional European melodies to crushing bombastic anthems.

Religious spoken word introduction with an organ to heighten the mood. The first song helps prepare you for the second, titled Heiafather, which gives me the impression of being in a cathedral accepting initiation. It contains repetitive and entrancing sequences, and I imagine myself listening to this as I sacrifice myself to the dark goddess. Though I don't think that is the same concept that Blood Axis is trying to convey. Track 3, titled Seeker, changes the mood by adding a guitar and dry vocals. Singing in prose, it evokes a very touching and nostalgic feeling, resembling Death in June. When we get to track 4, Electricity, the music begins to come together. I find myself absorbed in the concept which blends with the music to develop a new comprehension. After this song the CD becomes more consistent. Simplistic dark ambiance with the occasional apocalyptic spoken word. (I think I feel a seance coming on) All in all, it is a very alluring album filled with emotion and dark underground streams.

Brighter Death Now (Sweden) - «Kamikaze Kabaret»
Brighter Death Now - «Kamikaze Kabaret »
Digipak CD 2005, Cold meat industry
13.00 €URO
A new punishing fullength CD packed with 8 churning traditional kneecapwrenching tracks, get down with it or bow in shame... Diverse, hallucinatory, monotone and HEAVY with that sweet characteristic doom-laden and depressive touch. Simple and effective!