Slipcase CD ARK Records, 2005
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«Respiri» is the new folk-ethereal-ethnic album from the guitarist-composer Riccardo Prencipe, already mind of the Lupercalia project.
Corde Oblique is the name that Riccardo gave to the equipe of sound artists' that collaborate to this new album.
A precious musical chapter, a resonant journey that takes us from little rainy harbours to distant valleys. From the ancient town of Assisi to the beauty of Paris, from the myth of Miseno to the ancient Caserta's splendours.
Those who love music that gives visions can't miss this release. Over 60 minutes that flow with the desire of listening to it again.
Fundamental base of music: fine arts from which emerges each note.
Riccardo Prencipe: composer, ensemble's mind, plays all classic guitar's lines, percussions, synths, working on the arrangements and lyrics. Experienced Lupercalia's composer-guitarist, with two album released that have had lots of excellent reviews throughout Europe.

He released the first instrumental album «Soehrimnir» (World Serpent - 2000) with the violinist Pierangelo Fevola and the second one «Florilegium» (Equilibrium Music - 2004) with the soprano Claudia Florio.
Riccardo continues his musical activity changing name into «Corde Oblique» by feeling the need of collaboration with different voices and instrumentalists that gave a big contribution to the creation of this album, as executors and in a creative way:


Caterina Pontrandolfo: chant, soprano, spoken voice.
Alfredo Notarloberti: violinist of Argine, Ashram, Lupercalia.
Catarina Raposo: Dwelling's voice.
Alessandra Santovito: voice of the Hexperos project, ex-Gothica.
Corrado Videtta: voice and guitarist of Argine.
Luigi Rubino: Ashram's pianist.
Francesco Villani: talented pianist.
Francesco Perreca: talented clarinettist.

This equipe of sound artists offers us a list of tracks that never bores thanks to the big variety of voices and styles which, at the same time, well melt togheter.

The precious CD-slipcase with 20 pages booklet has been designed by Mario Rega and enriched by lovely photographies. Among the names the famous japanese photographer Kenro Izu and the great Lucia Patalano. The magic of places, things and traditions lives again through the immages of: Angelo Antolino, Suilvio Siciliano and Alfonso Veneziano.

All music and lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe
Except: «Intro» (music: Alfredo Notarloberti, Riccardo Prencipe); «My promise» (music: Alfredo Notarloberti, Riccardo Prencipe, Caterina Pontrandolfo); «Eventi» (music: Riccardo Prencipe, Alfredo Notarloberti - lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe, Corrado Videtta); «Orme» (music: Riccardo Prencipe, Alessandra Santovito).

01. Intro (Captatio Benevolentiae)
02. My promise
03. Eventi
04. Waves
05. 06. ... Di Parigi
07. Ascesi
08. Orme
09. Fantasia sui tasti bianchi
10. 11. A guitar sounded like a lute
12. Dentro
13. Le onde
14. Progressive
15. Winds of fortune
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