«Soehrimnir includes songs I composed between 1995 and 1998. I started writing these songs just for classic guitar, then after I met the violinist Pierangelo Fevola - a sculptor-musician who used a handmade violin he built himself - we added violin lines, and after I started working and bought a synth, I started rearranging all the songs.
In 1999 we recorded the demo tape «Les nuits de Samain», and after a local label refused to publish it, telling us that no label in this music scene would have published my music, I sent it to the English label World Serpent, who signed us.
The album was recorded in three days and mixed in one, all in analogic. I would like to say thanks to the World Serpent for having bet on me when I was so green, to ARK records for this reprint and to all people who encouraged me since the beginning.
Nothing was modified, I just chose to make a new mastering of the original DAT.
After a few days the first album was out, Pierangelo introduced me to an old friend of his, Claudia Florio (soprano), so I wrote two new songs for soprano, guitar, violin and synth: «FormisMelaraSanctusFilix» and «Ouroboros», Pierangelo wrote «Axe», and we rearranged two traditional songs. We also collaborated with the voice Valentina Cotini and with the actress Lina Salvatore (also present in «Soehrimnir»). We recorded this promo, including 5 tracks; after 4 years we published the album «Florilegium», released by the Portuguese label Equilibrium Music, in the meantime Pierangelo Fevola left the band, and the violin in the album was played by Gianluca Uccio.

This promo was previously unreleased; it represents something special for me, as it was realized with those I consider the original line-up of the band, as we shared the first beautiful concerts and musical experiences together.» Riccardo Prencipe



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