The band got its name from one of the last works realized by the Soviet avant-garde artist Vladimir Tatlin . This work showed a machine which was developed to let a man fly by a mechanical device powered by human physical strength. This device has a recollection of a stylised skeleton shape of a bird.

The influences of the music of Letatlin are initially wave noise and over the years progressively developed towards a less structured electric and electronic experimental attitude.

At present the band already has a quite impressive discography consisting of five self released demos. This band is used to a pretty busy schedule of live performances. Letatlin is a music project born about eight years ago. The band has evolved from a four piece into a three piece by the introduction of synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and computers.

The members of Letatlin are Marco de Piaggi on guitars, vocals and programming, Federico Caputo on guitars, vocals and programming, Sandro Lezziero on bass guitar, vocals and synthesizer. Since 2003 two third of the band lives in Holland (Amsterdam) that is why part of the lyrics takes a bilingual approach: Italian and English. « The more disgusted you get, the fewer words spring to mind ». You can say that they use snapshots of emotions, phrases without description. All the members of the Letatlin take part in the composition and the arrangement of the songs. They do this via using convetional instruments like guitars and bass, but also electonical equipment as well as non-conventional instruments like sounds of their environment. The use of these electronical instruments changed the musical spectrum of the band. This change started with RADAR the side project of Marco and Federico (RADAR self-produced in 2002 a demo named « Anatomia per Artisti »). The musical synthesis (metamorphose if you like) of these conventional and non-conventional instruments got Letatlin as well, on the last demo «1919: naissance du robot» self released in 2003. But: « as a metamorphose has always two entities: one rigide and one elastic ». In fact, two of its members left for Amsterdam. Despite the distance, the musical style and composing continued to follow a path that was chosen on the last demo. During 2004 « 1919: naissance du robot » was positively reviewed by all kinds of well-known musical platforms. This gave Letatlin the voice to get their music across. It did not take long, after these reviews, before ARK Records, contacted the band to co-produce a new album. The result of this deal was that in 2005 the band returned to the studio to put more songs down on tape for the new CD « La sepoltura delle farfalle » (ARK Records - ARK006).

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