Having Thin Moonshine is a musical project born in Venice at the end of 2006.

The group includes: female voice (Ally), acoustic guitar (Pietro Baldan), bass (Dario Belardinelli) and drums (Jacopo Campi).

The lyrics, in English, are written by Ally. They are mainly about introspective personal visions, but also include scenic drama, as in the case of «Salomé» by Oscar Wilde. The music is composed entirely by Pietro, a cellist by profession, graduated from the Conservatory of Music «Agostino Steffani» in Castelfranco Veneto, who began this project following his passion for acoustic guitar and music.

Only three months after meeting in studio for the first time, the band records their first demo of five folk-new wave tracks and receives good reviews from the specialized press, raising the interest of radio stations and the public.

In 2009 the group signed its first discographic contract with ARK Records, producing its first full length album «Having Thin Moonshine». It includes 12 tracks, in which the throbbing rhythms of the base wonderfully mix with the dynamic frills of the acoustic guitar, creating a soothing and magnetic effect in which Ally's voice echoes touching the notes of melancholy and projecting before our eyes imaginary landscapes and impressions of dark and inner worlds, which have forever been that innermost place in which lovers of a certain kind of life/new wave and post punk music love to take refuge.

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