Corde Oblique is the name that Riccardo Prencipe, already mind of the Lupercalia project, gave to the equipe of sound artists' that collaborate to «Respiri», his new folk-ethereal-ethnic album.
Experienced Lupercalia's composer-guitarist, with two album released that have had lots of excellent reviews throughout Europe.
He released the first instrumental album «Soehrimnir» (World Serpent - 2000) with the violinist Pierangelo Fevola and the second one «Florilegium» (Equilibrium Music - 2004) with the soprano Claudia Florio.
Riccardo continues his musical activity changing name into «Corde Oblique» by feeling the need of collaboration with different voices and instrumentalists that gave a big contribution to the creation of this album, as executors and in a creative way:

Caterina Pontrandolfo: chant, soprano, spoken voice.
Alfredo Notarloberti: violinist of Argine, Ashram, Lupercalia.
Catarina Raposo: Dwelling's voice.
Alessandra Santovito: voice of the Hexperos project, ex-Gothica.
Corrado Videtta: voice and guitarist of Argine.
Luigi Rubino: Ashram's pianist.
Francesco Villani: talented pianist.
Francesco Perreca: talented clarinettist.

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